Animal lover

Ok so this really isnt “Country” but I am an avid animal lover…I have 5 cats and 1 dog…I tend to take a lot of pics of them all…they are family to me so I thought Id share a few pics…


This is Thug…he is the king of the streets here and now king of my new bed…


Then we have Fuzzy Bear…shes the newest member to the family..shes a real handful most of the time and likes to think shes boss…lol…


Next is Momma…this really is Fuzzy’s mom…she was tossed out in the cold last January pregnant so I took her in….


Next we have king Moe…hes about 20lbs of specialness…hes a good boy, hes just not street smart so he stays in the back yard till curfew…


Next we have Cow Cow…yep he is using the bathroom..nope I didnt train him…I think he learned from just watching his humans…hes a good boy..just wish he could flush :p…


And last but not least is Geisha…my 14 year old Pek who runs the world!!!  I just loveee all my fur babies 🙂

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