Country Crates


I’ve always enjoyed making new things. Unfortunately normally when I do, I end up bruised, cut, stained, painted or whatever the case may be.  Now knowing that I am a severe klutz doesn’t stop me either. I am starting a new project tomorrow rain or shine!!


Now the crates above I was able to purchase at my local Walmart for around  $11.00. I wish I was able to find really old antique ones but these will do fine.  My idea is something similar to the picture below…which I found of Pintrist..


This is amazingly BEAUTIFUL!!!  My little country home by the sea has NO space/storage at all so I felt these would help. Now that being said, I will take pics during the whole process tomorrow just so everyone can see how I’m turning new into old. I found this pic on Pintrest from . I am working on my today January 2nd 2015 and will post pictures soon.

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