“Pot Brownies”

So I had seen a post somewhere on the web about “Pot Brownies”..  No not the REAL ones!! Thats what I thought too. These are brownies cooked in small terra cotta pots…like the ones shown below…


I found these at Michaels craft store for $.49 cents each. I used normal brownie mix like this…


Now I followed the instructions and cut out small pieces of wax paper to cover the inside bottom of the pots, sprayed with cooking oil spray and spooned in the brownie mix
Baked at normal temp on the box of brownies but checked after 15-20 minutes with a toothpick. When they were done I thought how cute are these!!!!


Once they cooled down enough to eat…well lets just say they didn’t come out of the pots as easy as they went in…I think its a cute idea but they were tough to get out and seems to waste some of the brownie at the bottom.
Im going to try with a different oil or coating on the inside to see if that makes a difference.

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