Wood Christmas Wreath

I had seen a picture on Pintrest about a wooden wreath. I decided I could do this!!!  Haha it’s a lot easier if you have an electric saw that’s for sure…I started out with a thick branch that we had for the fire pit…



I started cutting 1/2 inch notches in the wood then realized it would take me till next Christmas to finish it. That’s when my bf brought out the big guns…an electric saw!!  WOOT!!  That made it so much easier to cut.


I used 2 different size branches and cut out a bunch of circles. Now was the confusing part.  I had to try and figure out how to get them to attach to the metal wreath…


I tried securing the wood cuts with staples, glue, fasteners…nothing was working..then I decided to wrap the wreath with burlap and glue the wood pieces with gorilla glue…


I added a bird house and a small piece of burlap with pinecones and cranberries that I picked up from Joann Fabrics…


Final product!!  Its smaller than I originally wanted but I love it just the same…

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