Death in the family

So today it was very hot in Florida…I think the thermo in my car said 88 degrees…not bad for January 2015!!  Woot!!!  I was enjoying my crafting/painting today when I just happened to look outside and saw my beloved garden…ahhh such sweet  little babies!!  I started them inside when they were calling for a cold front…


Once it started getting warmer out I brought them ouside for the warmer weather…when I went out today one of them was flipped upside down on the ground….


My heart sank. 😦  someone killed my plant!!  The horror!!!  I scooped up as much as I could and put it back in its home…now only time will tell if she survives…


I can almost promise I know how it happened….


It was 1 of these 2….probably Thug!!!  Little turd!!!

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