Ever dream of crafting?

Yea me too!!  All the time actually…I see things in my house that I wanna change and wake up, have coffee and get to work.

I kept thinking how boring my side table was next to my bed…


So of course it was time for a change..haha my bf hates me sometimes..ok probably more when I craft but whos counting :p..

Anyway, so instead of pulling everything out of the drawers and taking it outside, I decided to paint it right where it sat…


I also had a helper…



Yep guilty as charged!!  Right after I painted the top…momma decided to go for a walk…gotta love her though…

So the nobs looked so boring to me…so what do I do…bust out the twin and glue gun…



Now that I have several glue burns on EVERY finger…I finally managed to get them both done…Im sure there was an easier way but why?!?!  This was so much fun!!!


Now that its mostly dry, the nobs are on, everything back in place…



Were all done!!!  Yay for last minute things…now what else can I get into?!?!?!

I think maybe later I might paint the sides and the feet…Not sure…I never leave anything how I did it. I always end up changing everything lol

One Comment Add yours

  1. Trish says:

    Very cute!


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