I love my friends…they know I’m a dork and don’t care!

  • Julie  Omg it snows up there?!?!?!?! How am I gonna get Ruger?!?!?!
  • Terri  HA HA! Of course it snows up here! But you’ll be headed more towards the Stanton/Charlottesville area of the state (see map), so you should be fine.
  • Julie Omg ill DIE if there is snow on the ground!!!!
  • Terri  Eh, you might be lucky and only have ice…. Ha ha!
  • Julie Omg omg omg. Panic attack
  • Terri Ha ha! J/k. Just keep an eye on the weather reports.
  • Julie All I see is my lil hamster spinning in circles, flying off a cliff and being stranded in a dark forest with one leg trapped under my car and wolves all around me looking for a snack
  • Terri  WOW! That WOULD be scary!!
  • Julie Thats how my luck rolls…just like my hamster
  • Terri  Hang on. I’ll check the wx there….
  • Julie 38 degrees?!?!? Wtf isnt that like freezing weather?
  • Julie  My tongue is gonna stick to the pole!!!
  • Terri  Nope, not freezing at all. It’s a HOT streak! Yesterday it was 60-something here. Tomorrow it’s supposed to only get into the low 20’s. Wx is always nuts here.
  • Julie  Ummm yea!!! Its 75 here today
  • Terri  And……..that’s what you get for putting your tongue in places that is shouldn’t go……….
  • Julie  I always lick poles when I goto a new state. Its how ya tell if the people are good or not
  • Terri  Things are becoming clearer to me now……..
  • Julie  Its about time Terri
  • Julie  Geeesshh
  • Terri  I know………….I know…………
  • Julie  Bwahahaha
  • Terri  LOL!
    BWAHAHAH I’m such a wuss!!!!

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