Nightly Routine

So every night around dark time, depending on when it gets dark, I do a head count on my fur babies. Normally I am always missing two…Thug and Cow Cow. Now, just because I live in FL doesn’t mean we don’t have monsters here.

When I moved back here three years ago, I was out back reeling in how much I loved my back yard!  How big it was and how much I could do back there…then it happened…a very loud scream!!! Blood curdling scream like something was being killed!!  The big brave person that I am took my water bottle and flung it into the forest to stop/scare whatever it was…

Out of no where it sounded like Godzilla came charging at me!!!  I screamed like a little bitch, ran into the house and slammed the door, locking it and hiding behind it…(im a puss I know :p)

Anyway, ever since then, my fur babies are ALWAYS in at dark…mean ole hag that I am have them on curfew…my “children of the cornfield” in my back yard has A LOT of creepy things roaming around back there and I don’t want to think of one of my kids as a snack for the monsters to pick out of their teeth later…

With that said…I couldn’t locate Thug tonight…then I found him….all curled up in a basket 1/2 his size. Lol. At least they are all in for the night…


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