Cold in Florida?!?!

So it is true…we get cold snaps in Florida. No where near what the rest of the country gets but cold enough to have to bring my mini garden in.  I decided that while its in, its time to transplant the garlic, onion and basil I started…OH LOOK…A turtle mower in the back yard!!! One of its kind 🙂





Sorry no pic of the onion. The bf decided he wanted to grow that one lol..  Anyway, I have my kitchen table set up for tonight’s fun…


Yes those are my cats eating on the table…gross hu?  Well 2 reasons…1st. We don’t eat there…I wish we had a normal sit down dinner but with conflicting schedules a sit down anything never happens and 2nd. I have to keep the cat food up so my dog doesn’t eat it…Cat food is very bad for for now, that’s the plan for the night…Happy Planting!!!

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