Homemade Ketchup To Can

I am always on the lookout to save money for myself and the bf. If we want to live out our dream of a homestead in TN and being reliant on ourselves then I need to find ways, big and small, to cut down on costs.

I went to an AMAZING farmers market here a few days ago and got 27 lbs of tomatoes for $8.00..can’t beat that!!!



So anyway, I searched and searched for recipe’s for homemade ketchup that used fresh tomatoes…I finally found one that I liked…It was easy to follow and not much work at all…I got all the ingredients ready… and went to work…http://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2014/09/diy-homemade-ketchup/


Put everything in the crock pot and started chopping away at the tomatoes…


Once they were all chopped, I put them in a big stock pot and let simmer for 30 minutes, smashing them with a wooden spoon to help release the juices…after 30 minutes I took my hand mixer and liquefied them…


Once most of the chunks were gone, I dumped them into my crock pot with everything else and left if on low for 12 hrs…


When I woke up the next morning, I stirred the tomatoes and propped open the lid with 2 knives…


And turned it up to high….I would check on it every hour or so and let it cook down for a total of 5 more hours until I got the consistency I liked…I took my hand mixer and mixed it up one more time and then scooped into jars and sealed…i water bathed for 15 minutes to make sure they sealed and we got 1 quart plus 2 pints…1 pint went into a plastic ketchup bottle and the others on the shelf with all the other items I’ve canned so far…


It is a pretty easy and tasty recipe, but I changed a few things…added more onion and honey, let it cook longer and used whole cloves…still turned out fantastic!!!  If ya’ll try it…let me know how you liked it!!  Id love to hear YOUR feed back…now onto cutting more tomatoes for another batch…

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