Gardening in Florida

Today its rainy and nasty outside but I wanted to start planting more seeds for our garden. We had picked up one of those 2 1\2 dozen egg boxes and had used all the eggs. My darling bf suggested I use it for gardening…starting my seeds…OMgosh what a concept!!! I was going to just throw it out..

Gotta love a man who is on the same page as you!!  Well sometimes. Hahaha.. Anyway, I decided since today was a crappy day, I didn’t have my barrels for my raised beds yet, I might as well start the seeds indoors..



Were starting out with carrots and cucumbers first…simple really…just add dirt..momma kitty wanted to help too…


After adding the dirt i sprinkled with water, then poked holes in the dirt with the end of my wooden spoon..


I dropped a few seeds in each hole, covered with dirt and sprinkled with water again…then to make sure I could tell them apart, I took crafting sticks, as I call them, and wrote each veggie I planted…


Simple as simple can be…once they start growing I’ll transplant them into our drum garden.

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