Body Detox

The crud has been going around for some time now and the last few days Ive felt run down….I decided it was time to detox my body…this stuff is YUMMY!!!  Very simple ingredents too..everything I was able to get at my local Amish market here…


Lemons, cucumbers and mint!!  Thats it!!  I found this nice drink dispensor at Walmart and thought it would be good for the detox juice..

Ok so all you do is slice 3-4 lemons, 1 cucumber and a handful of mint…layer them in your container…lemons, cucumbers, mint and repeat…then add water…I used bottled..not a fan of the water out of the tap..



Once you add the water, take a wooden spoon and smash everything down a bit…not to hard, just enough to get the juices flowing…


Normally I would put it in the fridge to give it a chance to mingle together but I wanted to get a jump start so a glass of ice and off we go!!!

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