Life as a new blogger

I have just started out blogging these past few weeks…most everything I have done has been shown on my personal Facebook page and send to my friends via text…This blogging part is so much fun, but with that said…I don’t go into long drawn out details, stories or what nots on my blog..I keep it as simple as possible…

For me, when reading a website that someone has posted something that I want to try, I personally don’ t want to read where this came from or what this might do to someones body (healing properties)… I just want the steps and ingredents and rush off to the store and get what I need..Im a simple person and like to keep things simple..

I do encourage anyone who likes any of my ideas to contact me and I’ll be glad to assist any way possible…but as for story telling…thats just not me…hope its not to disappointing for some…

I’d rather keep it simple and keep it real…That’s just me

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