I have all these wonderful thoughts of amazing crafts that I want to do…they always look great in my head but when I start them I’m like “what was I thinking?”

I have a project that I wanted to do since I have TONS of spices..they dont all fit in the cabinet and even when they do…I can NEVER find what I’m looking for.

I’ve tried putting baking on one shelf and cooking on the other, putting them in alphabetical order, stacking with labels facing forward…nothing lasts long here. UGH

So I decided that was my mission today!  To find a different way to display the spices I use the most…I started with the tin cans my precious fur baby’s food comes in and spray painted them..



Then I ran out of paint…off to the store I went…when I got home, the sprayer didn’t work…REALLY!!! So back to the store I went and got a new can.  By the time I got home it was getting dark and chilly outside so I rushed to get them painted..

Once I started I couldn’t turn back..thats when I realized I had the wrong the only next best thing was to paint them all over again..this is what happens when I do projects late in the day..ahh well tomorrow is another day.

Oh and note to self..wear gloves next time…this stuff is sticky..


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