DIY Aprons for the Garden


Surfing around Facebook tonight, I had seen a post that a friend posted about a DIY apron that can be used for gardening. I let it go for a few hours then decided to watch the video. WHAT A COOL IDEA!!!! Whomever came up with this idea is a genus!!!! (see video here) So I decided that I had several pairs of shorts that I don’t wear any longer and decided to give it a shot! LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!!! So I did 3 different ones…




Just turn around and button up….as the video shows, you can use the pockets for seeds, tools, gloves…whatever you might need. Now on the red pair that is the first pictures, I cut around the lace at the bottom and stitched close so I can use it as a hoop to hang a tool off them…small shovel, small rake…that way my pockets can keep seeds or gloves in them. I can’t wait till its a bit warmer out to start my garden!!! Right now, they are in containers…

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