Wonderful Weather For Everything Outdoors!

What an AMAZING day yesterday was to be outside. I was able to get so much accomplished! I was able to plant new seeds while wearing my trusty new garden apron I mentioned in a post before…


I couldn’t decide which one to wear so I put both on a took pics…I still have one other one but I liked color yesterday. Anyway!!! Since I had left over dog food plastic containers, I decided to use those to start my seeds in. I had originally tried a nail to puncture holes in the containers but those little suckers wouldn’t go through. So I had to break out the dremil…


Once all the containers had 4 holes, 2 on each side, I was able to start filling and planting.


Once I got everything planted and adding some water I had to find a safe place to put them since the containers were so small. I didn’t want my fur babies to be able to knock them over or dig into them. Then I remembered that I had a ladder that I was planning on using inside to hang my pots and pans.,


It worked out PERFECT!!! So once I was able to get those done, I decided I wanted to find a place for my gardening tools. Having them laying all around the back yard didn’t suit me…so I had an old shelf that I was planning on throwing away and thought…hmmm


Even added hooks to hang the aprons on šŸ™‚

Now It was time for my garden area to get better organized.


Once I got that area organized it was break time!!! Me and my killer attack dog sat and enjoyed the sun that we have been missing here for a few days…


Yep those are my work boots…till I’m able to get new ones…but there she is…Miss killer her self! haha…Have I told you I have an obsession to wind chimes?!?! Oh how I love the sound of my wind chimes….



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