Note To Self

Ok so….huge note to self….

1. Your to short to paint a bedroom with a step stool…

2. Dont wear your hair in a pony tail (it hits the wall when you bend over)

3. Be careful when backing up so your fat ass doesnt hit the wall you just painted..

4. When coming down off said step stool, watch where you put your feet..(inside the paint is not a good idea)…

5. When painting the ceiling remember to wear safety glasses so you dont get big globs of paint in your eye…

6. Dont wear sandels when painting (they are slippery and you could und up on your butt)..

7. Make sure all animals are out of the room..(or they could step in the paint pan and leave little foot prints all over your house)…

8. Buy beer next time, it might be more fun painting then…UGH and

9. Dont try to type when you can see :p

One Comment Add yours

  1. upsidediy says:

    Cute post. I am reminded of number 7 when I look at the tiny paw prints in the hall way leading towards the next room over! 😀


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