Long past week

This past week has been a very long one for me. Trying to get my house ready for company has completely drained me :P…Why you might ask, well I had to repaint the spare bedroom…2 times!!!! ugh…It was an olive green color and it just looked horrible…wpid-20150121_151121.jpg

So I decided to repaint it white. I did get that paint that says you only need 1 coat with this paint and primer in one!! YEA NO!!! That did not happen…Then with the nasty weather outside, making it hard to paint and stain what needed to be done, I had to wait…and wait…and wait…

But today…I was able to finish it…just a few small touches to do but for the most part…ITS DONE!!!! Several items I had to make or paint and figure out where they should go. This room is so small it made it difficult to really make it look good.




I either have to stand outside the bedroom door to get a picture, which then cuts off 1/2 the room, or stand in the closet to get a good pic which also cuts off 1/2 the room…Either way, I think it looks comfy cozy and country 🙂


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