Fermented garlic 

So I keep hearing about people fermenting garlic in honey. Again, they say it has good healing properties. I decided I would try it and go from there. It’s very simple, With only 2 ingrediants. Garlic and honey in a jar. Who could ask for anything more simpler then that.  Fresh garlic, cut out all imperfections and add to jar. Pour pure honey over and let it seep down between all the cloves. Leave enough head space to be able to shake and bubble up a little. Google fermenting garlic in honey and see for your selves.  After a few weeks, use it in recipes, on meats, whatever you like. They also claim you can eat it and its good for you…if you do try this, or have..let me know your results..also, they did mention that if its not acidic enough the big bad B word can come into play..botulism. You can add apple cider vinegar to it as well…just a tiny bit..

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