Homemade cough syrup

As my post before showed, everyone’s getting sick. So I also decided to make some cough syrup. I started with 1 lemon, 1 Mason jar (pint size widemouth), and several cloves of garlic.  Cut lemon into circles..add one to bottom of jar…layer cut up garlic, then lemon, garlic then lemon. Once you have a few layers, add the honey. Try and get it to seep down to the bottom of the jar. I used a knife to hold up one end of the lemon. I added 2 more slices of lemon and topped off with honey. Let it steep for several weeks and then it is good to use. A friend of mine at work was so sick, I had her come over and take a teaspoon of the syrup. Within 15-20 min she could totally breath out of her nose.  She swears by it now…

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