First I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing this, but as everyone knows Thanksgiving Day is normally filled with family, food and fun. Being in the kitchen yesterday from 8am till probably 9PM sure takes a toll on someone. This year it was just my husband and myself, plus all the furbabies, and at first I didn’t want to have a huge Thanksgiving Dinner. I thought, what a waste to make all this food for 10 minutes of eating and then all the clean up. But, I LOVE the holidays! I couldn’t imagine NOT having Thanksgiving Dinner this year.

I went out and bought a 23lbs turkey, all the fixins for stuffing, pumpkin pie, rolls….you know the normal Thanksgiving Day Dinner. I also liked the idea of being able to can the left overs, make turkey stock for my husband (he can really only have turkey since he has skin issues and breaks out with red meat) Making bone broth is super easy and makes the house smell great for a few days after Thanksgiving.   I just want to share some of our day with everyone. After our dinner, we pulled the meat off the bone and now it is cooking on the stove for bone broth. I filled 9 pint jars with turkey and put in the fridge until the broth is done cooking. Once that is done I will fill the jars and process as normal. I had also made some cranberry apple butter. OMG this is some good stuff! Ill make a seperate post about that though. Great for turkey sandwiches!

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